Still believe it is flat

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  • The problem is that those people who actually belive in this do so in an almost religious way ,claiming that every argument againt their truth is part of a conspiracy against it .Ive read statements claiming that gravity doesnt exist at all and objects are falling because of different density ....

  • You ’remore of an idiot then a flat earther if you think this will convince them

  • False . FlatEarth society has members all around the globe !They cant all be wrong .

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  • And a mistake in the first few seconds .People knew the earth isnt flat by the 4th century BC and possibly earlier .They might get out fo this one by their definition of "ourhistory ",though .

  • No need to make such explanations .If the Earth is flat just show us the fucking EDGE !!!!

  • I like how people spend hours doing a accurate video vith graphics and research just to prove to some degenerate retards are wrong . Dude,they ARE degenerate ,what else do you expect them to think ? Andwhat do you expect now with this video ?They came saying "ok,I think you are right and I will listen to you from now thanks to your video ". Ifcentury of proofs ,sciences and teaching doesnt help these trashes ,your video wont either ...

  • how the fck would they be convinced by that ?"myplate is flat too ,why does its borders not have a different gravity ?"

  • Your logic and physics have no power here .

  • There are like 30 flat earthers ,300 ,000fake flat earth trolls and 300 ,000,000people losing their fucking minds over what is quite an interesting thought experiment