Still believe it is flat

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  • Church did not deny that the Earth was round .Aristotle and Ptolemy ,the two most influential thinkers during the middle ages ,provided several arguments for the sphericity of the Earth .Education was mostly PROMOTED by the church during this time ,first at the cathedral schools and then at the Universities .The church also promoted the acquisition of "ancientknowledge ",that is Greek and Roman works that had been lost to the West after the fall of the Roman Empire .There were priests that translated and copied these books starting from the 11 to the 13th centuries .

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  • This video is misinformation .

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  • Theyre uneducated rednecks ...n i mean that in the most respectful way ..they jus dont understand science

  • Some flatearthers claim that gravity doesnt exist .They believe that earth is just constantly accelerating upwards .

  • You cant argue with morons .

  • “Let’suse logic to convince people that don ’tbelieve in logic ”

  • This is the real shape of the earth https ://

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