Found this masterpeace of art:

Media Comments

  • For those who like street art ,check out the app called Urban Canvas (flies away)

  • He is the master of peace .https ://

  • Tell me Mr Turner do ya feel death ?Ha ha ha . Love.....a dreadful bond aye ..

  • do you fear death ?

  • Very Nice .Check this one also https ://

  • Art ?Thats not art Thatis vandalism

  • I can do that in 5 min

  • its not a masterpiece ,its a copy

  • google this :berenkuil graffiti .it has some cool artwork aswell .its a place in the netherlands where you can legally spray graffiti .it also has a yearly event :"stepin the arena "where a number of artists come together to make new art with some music and food stalls for entertainment .

  • I dont know why but Davey Jones is my favorite character