[Walking Dead Festival] Villagers Dig Up Relatives’ Corpses In Hope It Will Bring Good Harvest

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  • drfries not bad put +++

  • catmandu91 not bad put +++

  • b_ms not bad put +++

  • @rforrottenHave you ever witnessed this or is it in a different part of your country ?

  • http://i.memeful.com/media/post/odgmW7M_700wa_0.gif

  • ded men

  • just ppl scared of death ,hanging on to old things in desperation

  • And that my friends is the reason why the Pest is back in business .

  • Man ,social anthropologists must be all over this village

  • http://i.memeful.com/media/post/BdeN8Qw_700wa_0.gif