Getting An Injection For The First Time

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  • if you keep moving your arm like that the needle might fucking snap while its inside

  • I was worse than this .I escaped the school on vaccination day ,they called my parents ,everyone carried me back to nursery .Got painkillers .I was 8 .

  • He was a wuss for a few minutes ,but anti-vaxxers are wusses forever (or until polio ,Diphtheria ,tetanus ,pertussis etc strikes) .Also he made the day for everybody else in that room .

  • Being a wuss is one thing .But having the internet see it .Priceless

  • Basically me reacting to adulthood and responsibilities

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  • @OP,are u sure its Malaysia ?But why his boys scouts necktie color red and white ?Im pretty sure its from Poland .

  • This is Indonesia .But since this is about some kid being afraid of a needle ,they suddenly refused to acknowledge this is from their country .

  • This may seem funny but there are people with needle phobia ,trypanophobia .It may very well be the worst phobia there is ,because if you have something like spider phobia ,you just dont touch the spider ,but if you have needle phobia ,well too bad ,youre going to be forced to deal with it .

  • Malaysia kacunya merah putih ya bagusss