I'm a motherf**king genius!

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  • https ://img-comment-fun.9cache.com/media/aPDNYWR/adxxXlXj_700w_0.jpg

  • i think he looks more like Eazy-E https ://img-comment-fun.9cache.com/media/axVoy5K/aXPP0PYP_700w_0.jpg

  • Same old CJ ,busta ,straight busta !

  • Its fucking Eazy E you infidel

  • I feel sorry for your dad !

  • Good afternoon ,Balla dope pushers !Grove Street OGs come to do damage !

  • Keep up mothefucker !!

  • Everyone should know that N .W.Awas a huge influence for the main and supporting characters in GTA SA .

  • https ://img-comment-fun.9cache.com/media/aAVNM8L/am00olX9_700w_0.jpg

  • Bruno looking like a straight up Busta