After the E3, it had to be said

Media Comments

  • Why the hell do people preorder ?They are digital copies ,they are not gonna run out

  • Except Cyberpunk .Its a Cd project game what could go wrong with that one

  • No ea Ubisoft preorder project red though hmmm

  • TWEWY ,TES6 ,DMC5 ,Dying Light 2 ....https ://

  • Imma pre order what i want

  • I will preorder Cyberpunk 2077 ,and no one will stop me . NoEA games tho ...or Ubisoft ...or Activision ...or ...well ,you catch my drift .

  • Well Bathesda can have my house and family in advance .

  • Dont care ,Im pre-ordering DOOM eternal as soon as I can .

  • Of all the new things they shower ,there was nothing interesting enough to pre-order ,so ...wayahead of you .

  • Don ´ttell me what to do with my money .