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  • 1 .Vehicles of any kind . 2.Video game systems or video games of any kind . Andthus concludes our "shoppingfor men "gift registry .

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  • Here is what I want to tell you . That’sthe right age to get and to give presents like this .Not 16-18 when kids don ’tappreciate shit . Whenyou are 50 ,you are much harder to impress ,you got callous and tough but not too much ,not to the zone of being careless .You are wise but still got fire and are able to enjoy life .You have strength and desire plus brains and sense of value . Toobad I didn ’tknow any of that when my Dad turned 50 .

  • Heres a truck !Now make the payments on it for the next 6 years .

  • He is crying because now he has to pay a second lease .

  • Man Americans have such a difficult life .A wife can just "surprise"her husband with a brand new car that costs about 30k while on the Balkans families work together for years to buy a fucking fifth-hand Golf .

  • Im lucky to get cake

  • Debt for your b-day .Woohoo

  • scrolling through the comments only to realize most of 9gaggers are sharing negativity and also a poor bastards .Not everyone lives is as pathetic as you do .

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