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  • Gaaaaayyyy

  • Oh look ,my housewife just spent the money I worked for on a purchase I didnt make because I knew we couldnt afford it .Because she hates how my old truck looks because the other wives on the block make snide comments about it .Now we shall suffer for years and fall deeper into debt .This is worth it .Im happy now .

  • How many of you did a search on Google for "NatalieR Escalante "??

  • hes happier than id be if someone just told me that for my birthday they spent my money on something expensive .

  • She is going to get plowed later

  • I don ’tknow why ,but as soon as I saw he was bald ,I thought he ’dheadbutt her Zidane style

  • Hes crying because when it comes down to it he fucking bought it lol