So relaxing watching dried tea leaves come back to life!

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  • Are you saying Ive been drinking warm zombie water

  • 青山绿水(qing shan lv shui) Eng :Verdant Mountain Green Rivers .Tea indigenous to the Sichuan Province ,a variation to 苦丁茶。high quality versions of these tea can be sold for a very high price .

  • I though that was a bunch of baby scorpion

  • For a second there ,I thought those were legs of beetles

  • How can I be .leaveit

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  • What kind of sorcery is this ?!

  • so ,you ´venever heard of poikilohydry ?As I ´amnot sure it tea is capable of such a thing and doing so in such a speed ,plants are realy able to use this strategy to survive extreamly dry periods and once they have enough water ,they refill their vacuols .f .e.Selaginella selaginoides

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