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  • Would be also cool to be able to play a multiplayer woth a split screen . Withthe high speed of today internet and PC /Consoles,I think its very double . Wassitting at a friends hous while we played turns in BF1 online .And on his 4k tv I think it woild be asome to play this in split screen

  • Hell ,this should be common sense .Why is this so hard for most of them ?

  • everyone

  • Worst idea ever let that system dye hard

  • Halo the masterchief collection Gears of War

  • I pray for crossplatform support .Especially with pc

  • Consoles cant handle them anymore .

  • Pc peasants

  • I remember split screening on the 360 and being able to see graphical differences from the single player version due to extremely limited resources .Still though ,best time I had with friends .

  • Or ya know actually have a story for the games would be good again