Please do it. Just do it.

Media Comments

  • As a dentist you mostly love getting a lot of money for not much at all .

  • Clean your house Before you tell painters to Come and paint your moldy ass house

  • As a dentist ,why do many of you stick your finger in our mouth ,adjust the lamp with the hand that was just in our mouth ,and then proceed to stick the finger back into our mouth ??!!!Id really like to know !

  • Imagine having to look at disgusting mouths all day long .No wonder they have the most suicides

  • Hahaha people who dont ,please take the advice

  • And I would be happy if my dentist didnt wait 10 times before fixing my teeth issues :)

  • Do You wash your car before going at the carwash ?

  • Common sence ?

  • I bet you appreciate your fat paycheck a lot more

  • Next time try putting the mirror inside the mouth tho