Par Toutatis !

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  • My second name is Asterix ^^

  • Das no Thor

  • Also ,I ’vebeen to park Asterix on a number of occasions but never been to Disney land Paris yet !

  • We loved Asterix ; Obelix here in Italy too !!They are awesome !!!:DD

  • Dane here .Dont hate please .We grew up with Asterix And Oberlix too

  • I ’ma simple Frenchman .I see Ast érix,I upvote .

  • Why the french ?Arent they galls from gallia .

  • Yes but those written about with the conflict with ceasar are from belgium ...Go look it up .Belgium didnt even exist in time but it was at that location . Hencewhy they are depicted as very strong warriors that the romans couldnt defeat ,that was from his quote ( wich ceasar said only to brush his own ego cause HE took down the strongest warriors )

  • Vouz-Le vous coucher avec mois avec soir ?

  • A fond