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  • Episode IX will probably be the last one Ill go see in the cinema .Then the original Skywalker story has ended .Not the least bit curious what will happen to Rey and Finn .Not particularly interested in the Solo movie either .

  • Too late slowpoke !Disney whores anything they can get their hands on

  • Did you make this meme 20 years ago ?

  • Soon ?It is since disney made a big pile of shit out of it

  • No ,not oversaturation .It is all about lack of internal consistency and something to say .It does not matter if George Lucas actually meant for what he created .It was a philosophy without determinism ,without religious or pseudoreligious connotations .Jedis were not priests ,they simply adhered to the energy surrounding us and by trial and error figured out how to not behave to become slave to their baser instincts .Each fall was a new perspective ,a new restriction .But it lent power ,power that the small person could stand up for what was right .To heal wounds .But to do that you had to first stop thinking you knew anything ,and then you had to be certain of this new perspective .The prequels showed us what would be when the wrong metric was applied to an unknown konstant .Prophecy was shown to be pointless ,since it would not predict anything that would not happen anyways .The Jedi would eventually fall ,the sith would implode .Aaah ,the good old times .

  • Star Wars never was special .I love those movies ,but they are not the best movies in the world without any flaws like the fans try to convince themselves of .

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  • It has never been special

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  • The Last Jedi sucked so much cock ,more than OP imagine that !